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Abstract Oil Painting  by Joel Barr Atlanta Artist
oil on canvas
47" x 57"
Abstract oil painting by Joel Barr Atlanta artist
Oil on Wood
Cityscape New York City by Atlanta Artist Joel Barr
oil on canvas
50" x 54"
Vero Beach landscape by Atlanta Artist Joel Barr
Oil on Canvas
19.5" x 31.5"
Surreal Abstract Oil painting by Joel Barr Atlanta Artist
Oil on Canvas
12" x 16"

Joel's commissions include paintings on subjects including cityscapes, abstracts, landscapes, faces, high texture, words, letters and even airships. All are done in oils and all are done after close consultation with the client.

Are you thinking of a painting by Joel which is done exclusively for you? Maybe you are thinking about:

-your home or favorite view
-a landscape or seascape you want to look at each day
-a special place in the city
-a word of great importance to you
-a symbolic piece about your family, your hopes, yourself, your thoughts
-a space where you'd like a certain size piece and want to Joel to create one intuitively

Contact Joel and talk about your ideas. He will return a prompt quote and timetable.