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Oil on Canvas
20" x 24"

A 4" wide gold frame is included with this original oil on canvas.
Dimensions with frame: 28" x 32"

We seem to know a lot about the evolution of various species and of our planet. That knowledge, like evolution itself, is continually growing and changing so it seems fair to say that, in fact, we can know only a little so far. The new Webb telescope will reveal much more to us; medical and archaeological advances will continue to teach us.

For now, we know what a shell looks like, or a bird, a fish, a human. We know that we share elements of DNA and that our cellular structures are complicated and intertwined.

This oil painting is to honor what we know and don't. It's to share some of the fascination and beauty that are involved in the simplest and most complicated of things. With so much still a mystery, it's exciting to know that there will be beauty at every turn in this incredible universe of which we are a part.
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