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Oil on wood abstract surreal art vivid colors joel barr savannah artist
Beyond the Game
Oil on Wood
18" x 24"

A player might be on the field, wearing the right gear, proud to be a star among players. On a special day, though, a certain player might get a message from another place, a different sort of game. In that game, spheres may be essential but they aren't balls to be kicked, batted, or driven toward a distant goal or hole. In that game, there is a sharing of discovery and a sense that everyone is involved whether they know it or not. The energy that makes that happen is the same energy that forms the familiar shapes of people, fields, markings on a patch of earth. When it calls out to the player on this one day, though, it brings a new message. That moment of discovery is what I wanted to capture in this painting. It features one of my favorite ways to show energy at "work" - color bars.
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