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Oil on wood abstract art triptych our differences joel barr savannah artist
The Creative Third
Oil on Wood
18" x 21" **

** Each panel is 6" x 21" x 1.5"

Much has been said about the various and strong divisions we face individually, nationally, and universally. I painted this triptych with these differences in mind and with an eye toward how they might be addressed. My language is usually a visual one, but here are some words I was trying to convey: We can, as the top painting suggests, try to force two sides together. A second approach is to seek compromise by finding things in common.

The third approach, which generated the name of this grouping, is to find new and creative approaches. I don't claim to know what these might be, but I am suggesting in the third painting that we might look at softer, even curved and gentler approaches.
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