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Oil on canvas abstract art triptych vivid colors joel barr savannah artist
New Geometries
Oil on Canvas
18" x 36"

A 3-panel Triptych:
Each panel is 6" x 36"

| A 3-panel triptych: each panel is 6" x 36" | Sometimes familiar shapes, designs, colors and compositions seem just askew. It's not that they are imperfect, it is just that they are not behaving as we expect them too. They have their own beauty and order or disorder. These special moments might well be glimpses into another time and space. Mysterious juxtapositions, unlikely color combinations, hints of a new narrative are all in front of us at these moments. Perhaps these moments happen at "thin places" or in times when the familiar and real world are giving way to a more spiritual one. Perhaps we are getting a peak at things we've never imagined - things for which our current mental toolbox is not prepared.
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