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oil on canvas, journey of discovery, fine art, joel barr savannah artist
Oil on Canvas
54.5" x 54.15

Pearl has chanced the deepest of dives in search of herself, of the real treasure, of light and pure spirit. She has left behind a trail of bubbles and earthly waters and skies. Because she has gone on this underwater journey of discovery, she's been rewarded with a most amazing find - a huge, glowing, and powerful pearl which lights her hands and which causes her to glow herself.

This one was great fun to paint with its varied and intense "worlds" including the seas, the skies, Pearl's hair, and the discovered pearl itself. Although it is quite surreal, it did not feel that way as I painted. That's often the case; the surreal and the real seem to be the same as I work. I never tired looking at it as it developed and, now that it is finished, I'm excited to share this piece of discovery with others who are on their own journey.

Pearl is painted with oils as are all my paintings. The composition itself wraps around the sides which are deep on a "gallery wrapped" canvas. It's ready to hang without a frame though you may choose to add one without problem.

This is a commanding piece and one which will become a focal point wherever it may be placed.
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