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Oil on Canvas surreal art joel barr fine art savannah artist
Oil on Canvas
25" x 30"



Many have said that we are each made of stardust. Some feel we come from and return to stardust or energy. I am one who believes this. I often paint stardust/energy in the form of masses of individual colors, sometimes in dabs, sometimes colorbars, sometimes wild color mixes and sometimes patterns which form recognizable shapes.

In American baseball, the best of players may be voted to be "Allstars." For my part, I think we are all allstars; that's what I want to suggest with this abstract.

An extension of these ideas is that the world itself is composed of individual elements - stars, energy, color, atoms - which have been formed into people, places, animals, waters. Imagine a uniquely shaped globe then, sitting on a pedestal for us to study and enjoy. That's another way you may look at this painting.

This is a highly textured oil painting, ready for framing, and waiting to offer the viewer a fresh and daily reminder of who and what we all may be.
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